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Custom fitting & repairs

Club Repairs and Custom Fitting

All Custom fitting and repairs are carried out by a Master Club Maker on site. We supply clubs from top of the range Japanese Forged irons to ecconomy cast heads.  We build Oversize, Undersize, Heavy, Light, Soft flex, Stiff Flex, Junior to Jumbo grips.  If you swing it we can build it.  Prices and product to suit every budget and every golfer.

We are Professional Club Fitters, not to be confused with Pro Shop or retail services.  To offer a true fitting service the following equipment is required.  Launch Monitor, Video, Frequency Meter, Swing Weight Scales, Scales, Loft and Lie bending machine, Loft and Lie guage, Minimum 5 years club building experience.  If the clubs are not built onsite you talking to a salesman not a Club Maker.  Pro shops and Retail shops do not offer a true custom fitting service.  Selling off-the-shelf product from stock is NOT custom fitting!

Ever wondered what the benefits of having a set of clubs tailored to you are? The industry average is a handicap reduction of 25% when playing with fitted clubs, that's 24 to 18 H/C or 8 to 6 H/C. This service can only be provided by a professional club maker!

We offer while-you-wait LOFT AND LIE adjustments. You swing it, we bend it and you take it away with you. Loft and lie adjustments can only be done dynamically i.e. during the swing! After all, your set up and impact positions are very different. Have your clubs set correctly, the difference can be remarkable. 

Ladies, do you feel left out?  Ladies are offered one option when buying clubs from a shop. You have one length, one flex, and one grip size.  As an industry this is an appauling offering.  Never have we built what would be described as a standard set of clubs for a Lady golfer.  We will build your clubs specifically for you and advise you on what set make up works best.  Please feel free to drop us an enquiry.  We work with girls from the age of five up to Lady Tour Pros.

We offer the finest quality heads from Wilson, Vega, Orka and Tom Wishon ranges.  These heads are only available from professional club makers.  We only use branded shafts and grips to build the finest quality clubs.  Top of the range clubs built specifically for you.  Custom clubs are not expensive!  In most cases they cost the same as off-the-shelf.

We offer Training courses in Custom Club fitting and Golf Club Repairs.  Whether you are hobby fitter or want to become a professional club maker we offer 1-2-1 courses to suit every need.  Drop us an email, courses can be tailored to your personal needs. One day £450,  Two days £800  - Currently this service is suspended.

As Master club makers we are an approved fitting and training centre for The European Golf Teachers Federation, Orka Golf and Golfsmith Europe, KBS and True Temper. 


Shaft Oscillation is The best kept secret in Golf.  Commonly found in Drivers and Hybrids but can effect any graphite shafted club, even steel shafts.  What does this mean for the owner?  The clubface WILL be delivered inconsistently to the ball even with a consistent swing. Left, right, high and low, sound familiar?  Get your clubs checked!  The problem can often be fixed by pulling the head, rotating the shaft to a Nuetral position and reglueing.  In the worst cases the shaft must be repalced.  Based on many many years of experience, 75% of golfers have at least one club like this in their bag!

What do you get with our custom fitted clubs?

  • Your swing speed and tempo will be measured and the right shaft matched to it. Increased performance and consistency.  Shaft weight is crucial if finding the right balance for the golfer.
  • Clubs of the right length to allow for correct posture and more on centre hits
  • Clubs with the right swing weight to allow you to swing freely and on the right path and plane
  • Grips to fit your hands, no need to make your hands fit the grip!
  • Set made up to suit your strengths, i.e. combination sets, blades, cavities, rescues etc.
  • The right loft of driver to maximise your carry, launch angle & spin
  • Correctly fitted clubs will promote more on centre strikes
  • Modified iron lofts and shaft kick point to suit your ball flight
  • The industry average is a handicap reduction of 25% when playing with fitted clubs
  • The right shaft can add 25 yards to your drives
  • Spine aligned or flowing purred professional driver shafts
  • The right shaft in your irons can help you find more greens
  • Reducing or increasing the swing weight of clubs can increase swing speeds
  • Reducing club lengths can increase swing speeds!
  • Both Iron and Wood Heads come with a 2 degree tolerance in manufacture;  clubs will be bent individually to fit you where possible.
  • Lofts can be modified to suit your ball flight (forged clubs more so)
  • You'll get a multiple choice of shafts and grips to personalise your set
  • You can even choose your ferrule colour
  • Our Master club-fitter assembles all our clubs, by hand, ON SITE!.
  • Basic Iron Fitting £70  
  • Premium Iron Fitting £100   
  • Basic Full Set Fitting £100
  • Premium Full set fitting £140
  • Driver Fitting £45
  • 50% refundable on purchases

Basic Fitting - We'll measure; shaft length, swing speed, grip size and Lie angle advise you on head type.. More time is spent on shaft weight.  For those golfers who don't do too much detail.

Premium fitting - All the above and Back spin, Side spin, Shaft weight and Swing weight.

Nearly 90% of the clubs we check have loft and lies errors. If the lie angle is wrong the clubface can twist at impact.  If the lofts are wrong, equal yardage gapping bewteen clubs cannot be achieved. We'll check and reset your clubs in 40 minutes.

Over 70% of graphite shafted clubs had spine alignment OSCILLATION issues. Poorly factory fitted graphite shafts are rarely stable and can lead to frequent off centre hits.  Have your shafts professionaly fitted and find the middle of your clubs.

Compare fitted clubs to a tailored suit, they look good and more importantly they feel right! We are all built differently, with different swings, heights and frames, therefore off the shelf clubs will rarely suit our individual needs. Now think of walking into a clothes shop, if every pair of trousers had a 28 inch waist and every shirt was a 38 inch chest how many people would buy from that shop? The answer is very few, yet that is exactly what every golfer does when they buy a club off the shelf. Are YOU still playing with standard clubs bought off the shelf? If you are, you are not going to reach your full potential.

Here at Hatton Golf you can have a set built to your own personal specification and budget. Why not have your Driver MOT'd. We'll check your Swing speed/Tempo/Swing length and advise on flex, torque, kick point and loft.

Club weight has become the biggest factor in Custom fitting in the last five years.  The weight and balance of a golf club can have a dramatic effect on shots when the right combination is found.  We have also had players adding an extra club length just by changing grips size.  Want the best advice, see a Professional Club Maker.

Stand out from the crowd with a personalised set of clubs. Here you'll get top quality product at unbeatable prices. Don't pay for the marketing hype of clubs mass produced in Asia.  Buy local quality hand built clubs made to fit you!! They say you can't buy confidence. When you've been fitted by Hatton Golf and see how the clubs are personally fitted to you not only will you own a top quality set of clubs but you will be confident to go out and use them knowing they are right for you. The final loft and lie check fitting is done individually club by club using your swing so you know they are right!

See our testimonial page for customers quotes.

We can custom build any Vega, Wilson, Tom Wishon, Orka, heads of your choosing, Drivers, Fairways, Hybrids, Irons and putters too.

Happy with your own club heads but don't feel the clubs are working for you? Why not come along and have your own set customised to fit you. We can modify any club to work better for you.

The best golfers in the world rely on their clubs being built correctly. The correct alignment of graphite shafts is paramount to consistent performance. We SPINE ALIGN and FLOW all our graphite shafts for optimum performance. Clubs feel more solid and play more consistently because there is minimal off-line bending and twisting. No golfer enjoys miss-hit shots. Support your local business and have your clubs hand built by a Master Club Maker.