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About 6 months ago I was struggling with my game and on the recommendation of a friend I contacted Jeff. After the first lesson I noticed an immediate improvement in my ball striking. Jeff explained what the problems with my swing were, made some changes and with the use of the technology in the studio I got immediate feedback. Jeff's tuition and the technology have allowed me to understand my swing and now if I do have problems between lessons I can work on correcting them myself. Six months on I'm hitting the ball further, more accurately and have a more consistent game, I have got my first official handicap of 19 and am looking forward, with Jeff's help, to lowering my handicap in the coming year.

Dave, Flackwell Heath (02/07/2015)

I was playing off a 23 H/C when I first visited Jeff in the Summer, armed with a new set of custom made clubs and a new swing I now have a handicap of 16.

Doug, Maidenhead (02/07/2015)

after only my first lesson I went out and shot a personal best 37 on the front nine. Looking forward to the next lesson to make the changes a permanent feature in my swing.

Colin 10 H/C, Hazlemere (02/07/2015)

Yes, thanks very much for your time and for checking my clubs....I found it very informative, and it made me think about more in-depth advice I can give to my future it also made me think about my own clubs! I found the surroundings friendly and the technology comprehensive, yet easy to understand.

Chris (Pro) Club fitting course, Windsor (02/07/2015)

When we first met, my confidence was very low and I was seriously considering giving up golf altogether! Now, three Months later thanks to you, I have a brand new set of custom-made clubs that work for me and a renewed confidence to go out and get my handicap down, watch this space!! I've recommended the school to many of my friends who are equally pleased with the results of your teaching.

Mike, Maidenhead (02/07/2015)

Being 6' 5 I was struggling with a standard set of clubs until I met Jeff, not only did he make a set to fit me but he changed my swing and gave me another 10 mph club head speed (equally to 23 yards with a 5 iron) before he made them.

Gary, London (02/07/2015)

My wife and I have been coming to see Jeff every week for the past 3 months. We were so pleased with the results that our friends are now regular visitors too.

Bill, Hazlemere (02/07/2015)

From being unsure and not particularly keen, but curiosity driving me and having an ardent golfing partner, I ventured into the world of Hatton Golf and to my surprise found I actually enjoyed this intriguing sport. One to one lessons, the only way to start, not only confidence boosting, but a man with the patience of a 'saint' (not many of those around). The result I now play regularly, enjoy every minute, always having a goal to improve and of course if all fails, go visit Jeff. Opens a whole new world, socially too. Should have taken this up years ago.

Tina, High Wycombe (02/07/2015)

Booked six lessons with the school. I put on two club lengths after lesson two, had a custom set made after lesson three and I can't believe how long and straight I can now hit the ball with less effort. I wish I'd done this 10 years ago!!!

John, Maidenhead (02/07/2015)

Thank you for re-shafting my irons and R7 driver and resetting the swing weights, loft and lies. I am now flowing with confidence, enjoying my game again and looking forward to my next tour event, thank you.

Del Elite Pro Tour Player, London (02/07/2015)

Having been stuck on a 22 handicap for ages and not being happy using woods I thought I would give yet another instructor a chance to change my swing. Well this time it worked. Within days of having only my second lesson with Jeff, in which he has given me a more compact and easier swing, I won a 54 hole friendly tournament in France. I have also just shot a four over par 9 holes at one of my local courses (with 3 of those on one hole!) and am now regularly scoring par. Handicap currently around 18 and falling fast. I am so pleased with Jeff's coaching that I have even convinced the wife to take lessons. Update, H/C now 16.

Steve, Marlow (02/07/2015)

This is a wonderful method for analysing your golf game. As a computer sceptic I am pleasently surprised that this program works. The instant readouts it gives on your performance, the expert tuition both on and off the course and the confidence Jeff has given me, have made a world of difference.

John, Henley (02/07/2015)

'Thank you for the work on customising my clubs. It is great to play with clubs that fit my specifications-the work you did on adjusting the lofts, shafts and grips to suit my swing has seen a vast improvement in my ability to find the fairways and greens. I found the lessons we had very useful as well, especially your advice on shortening my swing on the irons which has seen me generate better club head speed and accuracy on the course'.

Rowan, London (02/07/2015)

Having done a lot of work on my swing with Jeff, I can now hit the ball further and straighter with less effort. Having been a slicer all my golfing life I can now draw the ball and understand how to do it. On my last two rounds I have shot 5 & 6 under my handicap.

Don, High Wycombe (02/07/2015)

After only three lessons I've just taken 20 shots off my previous score. If I could two putt instead of three I could knock another 18 off too!

Richard, Marlow (02/07/2015)