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Jeff, I wanted to say that I learnt more in a hour hitting 30 balls than I have hitting 100's of balls at my numerous visits to the range. The technology you have enabled me to have all the information I needed about my swing within a touch of a button, and the way you relayed the information was simple and easy to understand. The information on club fitting has also been a real eye opener and rest assured I will never be buying clubs of the shelf again!

John 12 H/C, Flackwell Heath (02/07/2015)

I met Jeff at a County Match and arranged to come along for a fitting. I explained what I wanted and Jeff took down all the necessary measurements. One week later my irons and driver had been custom fitted. Grip type & size, shaft length & speed, weight, loft & lies were all corrected, its like having a new set of clubs. Great result, great service!

Matt (Scratch) modified Mizunos, Henley (02/07/2015)

Just thought I would drop you a quick line to say thanks for the coaching recently as it has definitely improved my driving and short game and I will recommend you to those other tortured souls out there. The driver is a beast!

Dale, Bourne End (02/07/2015)

With my game going nowhere I discovered Hatton Golf. I'd had golf lessons at a local golf centre and spent hundreds of pounds and I ended up more confused than when I started and was shooting 66 around a 9 hole coarse on a good day. I went along with no confidence, I found the golf pro Jeff to be very reassuring and in the six months I've been going to Jeff my golf game has improved so much I now shoot 44 on the same course. This is all down to Jeff's very simple and easy to understand instructions! He's adjusted the length of my clubs nothing is to much trouble for him. I would recommend Jeff to anyone who would like to receive help with their golf game. Jeff will always find a solution!

Daniel, Seer Green (02/07/2015)

I came to Jeff because I had a problem with my shaft flex and ball flight. We changed the flex, weight, grip, and the loft and lies of my clubs and now they are going great! He also modified my driver and this has shown a vast improvement. I was playing with a fellow golfer recently who was struggling so straight away I mentioned Jeff and recommended he pay a visit. Thank you again for all your help and I will get in contact soon.

Kristian 2 H/C Customised Mizuno MP32., Oxford (02/07/2015)

Very many thanks for today's lesson. I am in no doubt that your guidance and tips have made a huge improvemnet in my iron shots which is exactly what I wanted. The ball is flying better and further, and I am no longer 'fatting' the ball.

John, High Wycombe (02/07/2015)

Many thanks for your professional advice. In three lessons my golf has improved tremendously, I now walk off the course with a smile. The new grips and balancing have made a world of difference and the introduction of the lob wedge into my set has proved invaluable. I have recommended your services to several friends who have been impressed with the improvement of my game since my lessons with you.

Tony, Chesham (02/07/2015)

Jeff made me a custom fit driver about two months ago. Since then, I've not only been hitting the ball a lot further but now I'm finding the fairway off the tee much more consistently. Now I'm as confident with my driver as I am with any other club in the bag! Ask Jeff to make you one as well, you'll be amazed at the difference it will make to your game.

Ken, Hazlemere (02/07/2015)

Jeff, had a 6 foot putt in a competition yesterday for a net 59! Driver is now going really well and irons are solid,

Chris;, Maidenhead (02/07/2015)

Just a note to say I am very pleased with my new fitted driver. Initially it was superb, then with overconfidence I tried to force it with predictably poor results. Now I have remembered what you taught me and I am using it more sensibly, the result being that I am now much more consistent off the tee. This of course means much less pressure on my second shot which is now usually on the fairway. This week I played at Kirtlington and went round in 88 which is my best score for ages.

David, Oxford (02/07/2015)

After many years I decided this year was the time to upgrade my clubs for a new set. The service was first class and within a week I was on the course using my new set of irons. A couple of months after obtaining the irons I also bought a Pure Balance II putter, My putting has dramatically improved. At first I struggled with both the irons and the putter as my distances were a bit awry, however after a few games I noticed I was definitely hitting the ball straighter and have seen my handicap drop from 21 to18 and still going down. I thoroughly recommend Hatton Golf to anyone considering new clubs and I will certainly go back for a new set of woods shortly!

Andy, Bucks (02/07/2015)

Shot a personal best of 3 over in 9 holes after only three lessons.

Terry, Aylesbury (02/07/2015)

Driver lesson really helped going round in the low 90's now, so happy.

Rich, Windsor (02/07/2015)

Hole in One Python Iron Fifth Hole at Copt Heath

Ray, High Wycombe (02/07/2015)

I thought i must drop you a line on behalf of my 10 year old son Luke. Until we came to your studio for an overview of Luke's clubs and technique, Luke had only received guidance from his club Pro. You very quickly identified that his out to in swing-path was mostly due to his clubs being too long and heavy for him. In a matter of days you adjusted his clubs and carried out more analysis including lie checks. Together with your technical help and the fact that Luke was able to see his swing path on the screen, become in to out, he duly went off and won a junior tournament at his club two days later. I am pleased we found your Company and will turn to you as and when necessary. Luke would like to say that he is thrilled with his game as well as the Driver and two rescue clubs you built for him. Wee Wonders first round winner!

Ron, Surrey (02/07/2015)