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My last lesson on the full wedge is the best £45 on golf I have ever spent. Those principles of tempo and lower body movement have revolutionised my whole game.

Sean B, High Wycombe (02/07/2015)

I'm very pleased with the re-fit of shafts. I've never hit such straight balls with my longer irons. Taylormade R7 Woods refitted with the DG S300 shafts are great feel quite different to the black gold. I'm totally confident with my 5 wood now. So straight with a slight draw to finish. I'm even hitting my 3 wood with more confidence off the fairway. I've played a couple of medals and stablefords already net 71 (CSS 70) and net 62 (CSS 65), 44 & 41 points. So far 3 rounds of cuts, I'm going the right way.

John Reshaft Woods and DCI irons;, Oxford (02/07/2015)

Jeff has enabled me to understand the simple principles of the golf swing and given me the confidence to believe I can play the game. As a direct result my handicap has gone from 24 to 18 in just two months, enabling me to achieve a long held golfing ambition of scoring in the mid 80's. I would be delighted to recommend Jeff to all golfers who find the game both fascinating and frustrating as I am confident his patient and precise tuition will enable all his students to get a great deal more enjoyment from the game. Have tried to go round in less than 90 for almost two decades. Achieved it with a score of 86 after just four lessons.

Ian, Watford (02/07/2015)

I was hitting every shot fat, had one lesson, massive improvement first time out. Only hit one shot fat in the whole round.

Dave, Henley (02/07/2015)

After playing golf for eight years I'd been stuck on a 21 handicap. My game had started to deteriorate rapidly even though my short game had improved, I found myself regularly slicing my long shots “ which were getting shorter. In desperation I went to Jeff after golfing friends had shown marked improvement after seeing him. After just two lessons and a new set of irons I played to my handicap for the first time in years. I am hitting the ball more consistently, straighter and longer, the new irons have a much higher flight and I absolutely love my wedges. I'm now confident I will be playing off 18 by the end of the season with a few more lessons. My husband was so impressed with the improvement in my game that he has now started having lessons too!

Christine, Gt Missenden (02/07/2015)

After 4 lessons. Had been to other coaches, 24 H/C and on the verge of giving up the game. I received clear concise instruction and played 3 rounds to my handicap and the last round 4 under H/C. I'm now enjoying playing again.

John, Marlow (02/07/2015)

First of all Many, Many thanks for the second lesson. I have just returned from golf with my mates this morning “ I scored my lowest ever score (86) and have put in a card for handicap so I can get cut from my h/c of 21. You told me I would play a different course at my club and you were right, as I was able to drive well over all the fairway bunkers onto the fairway leaving a nice iron into the green. I haven't stopped smiling yet! “ money well spent.

Garry-, Hazlemere (02/07/2015)

I was really impressed by the overall approach Jeff had to the custom fitting. Time was taken to ensure both lie, loft, shaft, weight and grip were all tailor made to my personal requirements. I now feel much more confident with my clubs all the way through the bag, I am already seeing more consistency of strike and accuracy and hopefully results will follow. I can recommend Jeff's service.

Jon 1 H/C Customised Mizuno MP32, Marlow (02/07/2015)

Clubs are going well, much more solid and consistent, have been playing well with them. Just need to sharpen up the scoring and should be all set for the season. Since the lofts have been corrected this has given me a lot of confidence that the clubs all fit well in the bag, the Black Gold shafts are excellent really produce good ball flight and distances are consistent.

Russell, Slough (02/07/2015)

Just to let you know how I did this weekend, Saturday 43 points I won this competition. Sunday not as good as Saturday but still my best competition rounds for a while. Driving was good. The lessons have helped indeed “ many thanks.

Janusz, High Wycombe (02/07/2015)

Jeff, I wanted to say that I learnt more in a hour hitting 30 balls than I have hitting 100's of balls at my numerous visits to the range. The technology you have enabled me to have all the information I needed about my swing within a touch of a button, and the way you relayed the information was simple and easy to understand. The information on club fitting has also been a real eye opener and rest assured I will never be buying clubs of the shelf again!

John 12 H/C, Flackwell Heath (02/07/2015)

I met Jeff at a County Match and arranged to come along for a fitting. I explained what I wanted and Jeff took down all the necessary measurements. One week later my irons and driver had been custom fitted. Grip type & size, shaft length & speed, weight, loft & lies were all corrected, its like having a new set of clubs. Great result, great service!

Matt (Scratch) modified Mizunos, Henley (02/07/2015)

Just thought I would drop you a quick line to say thanks for the coaching recently as it has definitely improved my driving and short game and I will recommend you to those other tortured souls out there. The driver is a beast!

Dale, Bourne End (02/07/2015)

With my game going nowhere I discovered Hatton Golf. I'd had golf lessons at a local golf centre and spent hundreds of pounds and I ended up more confused than when I started and was shooting 66 around a 9 hole coarse on a good day. I went along with no confidence, I found the golf pro Jeff to be very reassuring and in the six months I've been going to Jeff my golf game has improved so much I now shoot 44 on the same course. This is all down to Jeff's very simple and easy to understand instructions! He's adjusted the length of my clubs nothing is to much trouble for him. I would recommend Jeff to anyone who would like to receive help with their golf game. Jeff will always find a solution!

Daniel, Seer Green (02/07/2015)

I came to Jeff because I had a problem with my shaft flex and ball flight. We changed the flex, weight, grip, and the loft and lies of my clubs and now they are going great! He also modified my driver and this has shown a vast improvement. I was playing with a fellow golfer recently who was struggling so straight away I mentioned Jeff and recommended he pay a visit. Thank you again for all your help and I will get in contact soon.

Kristian 2 H/C Customised Mizuno MP32., Oxford (02/07/2015)