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I got a hole in one with my new 7 iron recently. (11th hole at Hazlemere) I love (most of the time!) my new set of fitted Orka clubs. I have a new found confidence in using irons which I never had before. Well worth it!

Gilly, Tylers Green (26/07/2015)

Location: Excellent for the practice we were doing. Lesson: Very informative and gave me great confidence to try new things (Heather). Reinforced a lot of what I already practice but also gave me some new things to work on that I know will improve my short game (Steve). General: The pace was very good, nice and easy going. Bonus were the comments on putter length and sand wedge. Would recommend these lessons to both beginners and improvers and would even benefit the better golfer.

Steve & Heather, Maidenhead (02/07/2015)

The clubs you made for me are working and I have now been cut 3.6 after two very good rounds in November.

Ian, High Wycombe (02/07/2015)

I completed Hatton Golf's Basic Club Fitting & Repairs course in May 2012 and I would say its the best CPD training course I could've done. The information that I gained from this course was fantastic. Not only have I added another revenue stream to my business but I am also a better coach. This has given me more information/knowledge to diagnose the difference between a good golf swing and poorly fitted clubs. I have increased my overall turnover by 18% by doing the course and added all those elements to my coaching business too

Head Pro, local course Club training course, Burnham (02/07/2015)

I have no hesitation in recommending the service as Daniel's golf has improved by leaps and bounds since you worked on his swing and clubs culminating in his win two wins on the Nike Futures tour for under 12s.

BBO county junior, Maidenhead (02/07/2015)

We used Hatton golf to assess my son clubs. Although these had been custom fitted we were surprised by the errors that existed in the clubs loft and lies. Jeff took us through the correct setting and made adjustments while we waited. It was surprising how far the loft was out on some clubs. This has really helped my sons distance control and accuracy. I would recommend all juniors to review their clubs with Hatton golf.

BBO county junior, Oxford (02/07/2015)

I was so impressed with the approach and the results from my son that I started with Jeff looking at my Driver, and then my complete set of clubs, and the results for my game have been brilliant, moving from being disillusioned with my game to winning two club competitions and seeing a 4 shot handicap cut in the process all within 3 months during the Winter and anticipate a number more shots coming off the handicap in the coming season.

BBO junior, Bearwood Lakes (02/07/2015)

I went out with my son today and had chance to look at the clubs close up. Josh has added 20-30 yards onto his drive and his tempo is much more consistent with his new driver. He has added 1 club to the distance of other clubs and is now getting used to the change. His tempo seems much more consistent as does his kinaesthetic transfer. Great job. Big thanks.

BBO county junior, Berks (02/07/2015)

I attended the Hatton Golf fitting studio for a two hour session that was to include a full assessment of both clubs and balls. My irons had been fitted by one of the major club manufacturers and although most things were correct the lies were 4 degrees out throughout the set. As a plus handicap golfer I was horrified at the assessment of my woods. I've had my hybrid reshafted as it wouldn't go straight, it does now. The whole process was extremely professional and explanations were given at each point to include discussions on shot shape. I would recommend this process to all golfers who are serious about their game.

Malcolm Reid BB&O Mens Team Captain, Sonning (02/07/2015)

Hi Jeff, Just a quick update on my last lesson. Played today despite needing 2 hand warmers. 18 holes with 12 drives and only 2 did not hit the fairway ! Job done. Now on to the other clubs. Thanks see you on a couple of weeks

Colin coaching and club fit, High Wycombe (02/07/2015)

In summary the adjusted R9 irons, new wedges and the 'NEW' 3 Wood have got me smiling from ear to ear, and will make a huge difference to my game. Thanks for all your help and advice so far. Much appreciated.

Martin Full set reshaft, Marlow (02/07/2015)

Shot net 68 (SS 73) off the whites today. Hybrids were working really well and so were irons and putter. Your tip on the grip reduced the number of pushed shots so all in all very happy.

Peter, Slough (02/07/2015)

Irons working nicely now. Just need to work on a few minor things Distances as these are going summer distances in the winter time.

Simon, High Wycombe (02/07/2015)

Optimum loft & lie fitting The Irons are great, the ball flight I'm getting now is fantastic not too low but not to high either. Also with the change to the lie's I'm not getting much shape at all which I like a lot. Don't think I've gained much distance maybe 5 yards but because the ball flight is better I don't lose much distance into the wind.

Mickeal (Pro), London (02/07/2015)

Driver Lesson I visited Jeff, to try out the anti-slice driver and found much to my great disappointment that I could slice that too. Jeff had spotted a flaw in the take-away. I was asked to practice the change. Within days it made a significant difference. Tee to green in regulation most of the time. I am currently playing to 18, before the two lessons, 25 H/C.

Robin, Gerrards Cross (02/07/2015)